Treat diseases in new ways with specialized formats.

Finding single domain antibodies
from natural immune responses.

The Opportunity


Single domain antibodies (VHH) can be naturally sourced from heavy-chain-only antibodies (HCAbs) produced by camelids.

They’re 10x smaller than conventional antibodies, making them well-suited for hard-to-reach targets.

They can snap into different formats, enabling development of medicines that can do things conventional antibodies can’t.

The Challenge

The right HCAbs have been out of reach.

They’re hard to find.

HCAbs are rare, making up a very small portion of the camelid immune response. Even fewer HCAbs have the properties needed to make good medicines.

They’re hard to optimize.

HCAbs are difficult to fine-tune and test at scale. Antibodies found in camelids need to be modified so that they don’t cause unwanted side-effects in humans.

Case Study

Finding ultra-rare internalizing HCAbs with triple species cross-reactivity.

We used multiplexed single-cell screening to pinpoint HCAbs with rare properties, straight from a natural source.

The Solution

FIND HIGH-QUALITY Single domain antibodies, FAST.

Access more options, from the start.

  • Induce robust responses from HCAb-producing systems, including camelids
  • Search deeply to find rare functional and developable HCAbs from billions of antibodies
  • Get more data up-front with multiplexed single-cell binding and functional assays

Optimize at scale.

  • Minimize risk by beginning with natural HCAbs
  • Reformat for function, including multispecifics using our proprietary OrthoMab™ platform
  • Pinpoint promising leads by testing reformatted antibodies for function and developability