Our Focus

Developing potential first-in-class and best-in-class antibody medicines.

Our Pipeline

Creating innovative, impactful medicines for patients around the world.

Our first two preclinical programs in our internal pipeline, ABCL575 and ABCL635, are currently in IND-enabling studies. IND submissions for both ABCL575 and ABCL635 are anticipated in 2025.

In addition, we anticipate additional development candidates will enter IND-enabling studies in 2024 and 2025.

AbCellera's pipeline.
AbCellera's pipeline.
Our Platforms

Expanding the reach of antibody therapeutics.

We have developed technology platforms to unlock high-value drug classes, targets, and modalities, including transmembrane proteins, T–cell engagers, and peptide-MHCs.

GPCRs & Ion Channels

We are using our platform to develop first-in-class antibody medicines for well-validated complex transmembrane protein targets that have been intractable using traditional approaches.

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T-Cell Engagers

Our T-cell engager platform leverages hundreds of diverse CD3-binding antibodies to create bispecific antibodies that achieve potent tumor-cell killing with reduced cytokine release, which can help address dose-limiting toxicities.

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Our technology enables discovery of antibodies that are highly specific to MHC-peptide complexes, expanding the accessible target space for T-cell engagers in solid tumors.

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Our Engine

Streamlining the path from target to patients.

Our engine integrates expert teams, technology, and facilities with data science and automation to support the optimized workflows that are necessary to move therapeutic programs from concept through to the clinic.

Today, our engine allows us to advance drug programs through to the delivery of development candidates for IND-enabling studies. We are currently integrating process development, manufacturing, and regulatory capabilities, and when complete, we will be able to advance programs from targets to early clinical development.

The AbCellera engine.
The AbCellera engine.


Identify antibodies from natural immune responses.


We use genetic, cell, and/or protein approaches to immunize multiple species, including rats, wild-type and humanized mice platforms (ATX-Gx™, Trianni Mouse®), camelids, and more.

Screening & Sequencing

High-throughput single-cell screening powered by machine vision and high-throughput sequencing.

Lead Panel Identification

Lead panel identification by high-throughput functional and biophysical characterization.


Select optimal clinical candidates.

Development Candidate Selection

Development candidate selection supported by mid-scale expression and detailed characterization.

Clinical Candidate Selection

Clinical candidate selection with large-scale expression, IND-enabling studies, and CMC development.

Clinical Manufacturing

Scale up with seamless tech transfer.

Manufacturing – Coming in 2025

Clinical manufacturing facility near headquarters for production of GMP drug substance (up to 2,000 L bioreactors) and drug product.