Strategic Partnerships

Making medicines together.

We strategically partner with groups that have novel science and innovative technology to develop antibody-based medicines.

We Partner With
  • Regeneron
  • Lilly
  • Moderna
  • Novartis
  • Abdera
  • Denali
  • Incyte
  • IGM
  • Teva
  • Versant

Collaborating to develop first-in-class and best-in-class antibody therapeutics.

Our engine integrates expert teams, technology, and facilities with the data science and automation needed to advance antibody-based medicines from target to clinic with greater precision and speed.

We have developed specific technology platforms to unlock high-value drug classes, targets, and modalities, including T-cell engagers and transmembrane proteins.

Identification of CD3-binding antibodies that can decouple tumor-cell killing and cytokine release. We paired hundreds of our CD3-binding antibodies with a single TAA-binding paratope and identified three groups of rare, low-affinity, clonally related antibodies that result in high potency and low cytokine release. 

Generation of TCEs with high potency and low cytokine release. Enrichment of TCE panels with CD3-binding antibodies that can decouple tumor-cell killing and cytokine release generated molecules with desired functional properties.

TCEs with functional profiles that are differentiated from clinical benchmarks for three solid tumor targets. Functional profiles of AbCellera TCEs selected for further assessment are compared to that of clinical benchmarks.

We identified a MAGE-A4 x CD3 TCE that binds tumor-associated peptides from MAGE-A4- and MAGE-A8-pMHC but not to any other peptides tested. Binding specificity to 180+ different peptides was measured with a NFAT reporter assay using T2 cells and Jurkat NFAT reporter cells.

MAGE-A4 x CD3 TCEs show functional profiles comparable to a clinical benchmark. Functional profiles for two molecules selected for further assessment are compared to that of a clinical benchmark.

We combine our antibody discovery capabilities with our TCE platform to identify molecules with high potency and specificity for pMHC targets. We engineered 200+ bispecific molecules using 6 pMHC-binding arms and identified a potent TCE with high specificity for MAGE-A4-pMHC.

272 diverse CCR8-specific antibodies were identified from immunization and deep single-cell screening. Antibody sequence diversity was visualized using Celium™, and 272 CCR8-binding antibodies were selected for high-throughput expression based on clonal diversity.

Structure-guided humanization was used to identify candidates with optimal profiles for predicted immunogenicity and function. Homology modeling guided the assessment of residues targeted for humanized back-mutations on the light (L1-5) and heavy chains (H1-4). The impact of heavy/light chain back-mutations on function was assessed in a rational, combinatorial approach and measured in an ADCC reporter assay.

Strategic selection of diverse, developable antibodies with a range of potencies. Selected antibodies were similar to a clinical benchmark molecule in an ADCC reporter assay.

CD28-binding antibodies can enhance anti-tumor activity in combination with T-cell activating therapeutics. The anti-tumor activity of T cells, initiated via the T-cell receptor (TCR), can be enhanced through costimulatory engagement of the CD28 co-receptor. This costimulation can be leveraged therapeutically using CD28-binding antibodies to improve the efficacy of T-cell activating strategies, such as CD3 T-cell engagers (TCEs), in the tumor microenvironment.

CD28 activation in the presence or absence of FcγRIIb confirms that antibodies are conditional CD28 agonists. 92 antibodies, generated with human IgG1 Fc, were tested for CD28 FcγRIIb-dependent activation. 22 antibodies were selected for a 1-in-4, nine-point titration series.

CD28-binding antibodies do not show superagonist activity when mixed with peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from healthy donors. Cytokine release profiles are shown for five PBMC donors that were cultured with wet-coated antibodies.

Making a difference for patients.

Since 2015, we have worked with more than 40 partners on 100+ antibody drug programs, with 10 candidates reaching the clinic to date.


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Engaging in strategic partnerships.

We look to create value with partners that bring insights into novel biology or technology, creating new opportunities in therapeutic areas of shared interest.

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Working together.

We partner with innovative biotechs and leading pharmaceutical companies to tackle the toughest problems in drug development.

“AbCellera’s technology enables us to extend our competitive advantage in target discovery and validation with best-in-class antibodies to rapidly advance our programs towards the clinic. We are excited to expand our relationship with AbCellera and to translate many more genetically validated targets into potential new antibody-based therapies together.”

Omri Gottesman, MD / CEO and President of Empirico

“We are seeing a wave of innovation in the antibody space that is allowing us to add novel functionalities to these molecules. Our partnership with AbCellera will further enable our portfolio companies to pursue these important biologic medicines.”

Markus Enzelberger, PhD / Partner at Versant Ventures

“We continue to be impressed with the speed of discovery, the quality, and the diversity of the antibodies AbCellera delivers. Through this agreement, we have secured expanded access to an industry-leading technology to accelerate the discovery of antibody-based therapies for patients with neurological diseases.”

Alexander Schuth / COO of Denali

“AbCellera’s clinically validated platform lets us start discovery in a virtualized model that aligns well with our capital efficient investment strategy. This partnership supports our approach to value creation by allowing us to focus on building companies that aim to deliver impactful medicines to patients.”

Steven Robinette, PhD / Venture Partner at Atlas Venture

Strategic partnerships.

Established Biopharmas We unlock target classes and next-generation modalities to advance clinical pipelines.
Innovative Biotechs We build value together through collaborations to develop clinic-ready antibodies.
Company Creating VCs We develop de novo programs for new companies around a development candidate.
Government & NGOs We collaborate to develop therapeutic solutions to global health challenges.