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We’re team players who trust ourselves and each other. Together we believe we can be part of something bigger than ourselves.

We Value

We believe our work makes a difference. We think independently, act with conviction, and thrive at the edge of the unknown.

We Offer

The opportunity to stretch and explore, and work with an inspired team on things that matter.

Team Focus Areas

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We are thoughtfully assembling a world-class team of manufacturing and operations specialists, scientists, and engineers. Building from the ground up with the freedom to innovate, this team will design, build, qualify, and operate a new CMC laboratory and a 130K sq ft GMP facility in Canada. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge discovery and translational research teams, our new CMC team will empower the development of high-quality treatments for GMP manufacturing.

Our Quality team provides quality assurance and quality control support to our CMC Process Development and Manufacturing teams, ensuring industry best practices that meet or exceed cGMP standards. The Quality team will support the design, qualification, and ongoing operational activities of AbCellera’s CMC laboratories and our fully-integrated drug substance/drug product clinical manufacturing facility in Vancouver, Canada.

Our business operations team performs administrative, finance, operations, human resources, and project management functions to support happy, healthy and productive employees. Our primary focus is fostering team unity and ensuring all employees are able to do what they do best – every day.

We focus on driving the immune response to find rare, diverse, and potent antibodies from any species against even the most difficult disease targets. This includes clever immunization strategies using various immunogen formats including nucleic acids and membrane proteins, development of assays using mammalian cell lines and primary cells, development of media conditions and cell enrichment strategies, and design of complex functional assays. 

Our partnering team focuses on building and supporting partnerships that aim to bring to better drugs for patients. This includes analyzing commercial landscapes, generating and managing new business opportunities, launching new partnerships and growth strategies, and working with executive, scientific, and communication teams to advance AbCellera’s mission.

We focus on bringing advanced protein-based technologies for everything from antigen-driven immune responses to production and characterization of high quality antibodies for disease treatment. This includes high-throughput recombinant expression and purification of soluble and membrane proteins, biophysical characterization, binding and functional validation, and developability analysis. We also perform protein engineering to optimize sequences and to unlock advanced therapeutic formats from bispecifics to CAR-T cell therapies.

Many of our technologies are built and designed in-house to automate the selection and isolation of individual antibody-producing immune cells. We design microfluidic devices, each capable of physically isolating many thousands of single cells to allow customized antibody screening assays. We use robotics and machine vision to image each chamber of our devices and select for antibody-specific hits, followed by automated recovery of the antibody-producing cells for sequencing. Our goal is to continuously push the throughput, capacity, and robustness of our system in search of rare and potent antibodies. 

Directly impacting patient health

I was working in Boston for a big pharma company, and really wanted to move back to Vancouver. I also wanted to keep doing work that could directly impact patient health. AbCellera allows me to do both, all while working with an incredibly collaborative team who do what it takes to get the job done together.

Grace Leung, Associate Scientific Director

Passionate people

When I saw a Canadian company attaining meaningful scale and tackling such globally impactful problems, I was immediately interested in joining the team. Even when I was still in the application process, it was clear to me that AbCellera’s foundation is built on people. Everyone I work with is engaged, interested, and passionate about the work we are doing!

Jessica Patterson, Head of Target Assessment

Innovation, curiosity and purpose

I like helping motivated teams design software to solve challenging problems. At AbCellera, I’m fortunate to work with a talented team who are innovating throughout the company and leveraging new technologies to achieve great things together. The company culture is open, caring, and eager to help everyone succeed. It’s inspiring to be here building platforms that will make a real difference to people’s health and well-being.

Mark Lowson, Lead, Screening Software

Trust matters

When I joined AbCellera, my first impression was trust. The work culture here recognizes that we all bring something unique to the table, and AbCellera trusts each person to deliver. It’s empowering, and helps us bring our best selves to tackle the big problems every day.

Robert Flemmer, Logistics Manager

Passionate, amazing team

I feel very fortunate to have found AbCellera when I first moved to Vancouver. Working here has been a big part of me settling into this beautiful city, which I now call home. AbCellera provides me with opportunities to grow both scientifically and personally. I love working alongside such passionate, amazing team members contributing to cutting-edge science.

Róisín McComb, Laboratory Operations Manager

Driven by the vision

AbCellera’s commitment to people, teams, and relationships is what drew me towards the company and is what I’m most excited about when I think about my work. I’m surrounded by brilliant, kind, and down-to-earth people every day, and I’m excited to be able to contribute to this team.

Tiffany Mintah, Learning and Development Program Manager


This is a place for innovators and idealists. A place where people with vision, drive and energy can do work that matters. A place where people connect, grow and take care of each other

Together, our diverse, multi-disciplinary teams made of software engineers, computer scientists, bioinformaticians, biologists, biochemists, and physicists work together to revolutionize how scientists explore antibodies.

This is life-changing research and you could be a part of it.

  • Equity

    Work together, win together with an ownership stake in AbCellera.

  • Personal & Professional Development

    Ignite your curiosity, learn, and be inspired through workshops, conferences and programs.

  • Flexible Work Hours & Hybrid Office

    Optimize how you work with flexible work hours and world class facilities. Work from home when your role allows.

  • Work Life Synergy

    Integrate work into your life in a way that makes sense for you.

  • Health Benefits

    Stay well with a comprehensive health benefits package that includes health, dental, life, and critical illness coverage.

  • Paid Vacation & Company Closures

    You work hard and should take well-deserved time off, starting with a minimum of 3 weeks’ vacation and 2 company-wide closures every year.

  • Retirement Savings

    Save for retirement with RRSP and 401K plans that don’t require employee matching (North America).

  • Active Lifestyle Allowance

    Use the active lifestyle allowance for the fitness activities that bring your heart rate up and keep you healthy.

  • Immigration & Relocation Assistance

    Get you (and your family) settled into a new city with the help of our team, including personalized immigration support.

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