Discovery on Target

Erica Lovett, Research Scientist at AbCellera, will be presenting “Enduring solutions to the evolving COVID-19 crisis: Discovery of a potent human antibody that neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 and its variants” at Discovery on Target in the Antibodies Against Membrane Protein Targets – Part 2 session on September 29 at 5:55pm EST.

Antibody Discovery, Selection and Screening Digital Week

Valentine de Puyraimond, MSc, will be presenting “Combating COVID-19: Identifying a Potential Drug Candidate for Human Testing in 90 Days” at Antibody Discovery, Selection and Screening Digital Week.

For more information on AbCellera’s response to COVID-19, click here

MaRS Impact Health

Véronique Lecault, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, will be participating in a roundtable session discussing how health companies are building, scaling and tackling adoption challenges today in Canada.

Festival of Biologics USA

Christopher Williamson, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist and Project Lead will be presenting “Amplifying antibody diversity with single-cell screening and immune repertoire sequencing” at the Festival of Biologics USA.

PEGS Europe Virtual

Christopher Williamson, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Project Lead will be presenting “Amplifying Antibody Diversity – Single-Cell Screening Combined with Repertoire Sequencing from Humanized Mice” at the Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit.

Discovery to Commercialization

Organized by UBC Faculty of Medicine and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, Discovery to Commercialization is a series of education and networking events that aim to raise awareness and knowledge around the therapeutic commercialization process. Lucas Kraft will be representing AbCellera and presenting at the session ‘Building Bridges: How Researchers Came Together During COVID-19’.

SynBioBeta 2019

Although the natural immune repertoire is a boundless source of therapeutic antibodies, merely sampling from it will not capture its full diversity. Maia Smith, co-creator of AbCellera’s proprietary data visualization tool Celium™ presented “Visualize scale and diversity in natural antibody discovery”. Celium™ is an intuitive and interactive software that visualizes antibodies discovered on AbCellera’s platform, and not only sorts them by clonal ties, functionality, and developability, but relates them to similar antibody sequences in our repertoire.

Watch Maia’s talk here.

PepTalk 2020

AbCellera has successfully completed several antibody discovery programs targeting GPCRs and ion channels. Marta presented insights on AbCellera’s innovative approach in her talk “Against Nature: How to Hack Immune Systems to Discover Antibodies that Target Complex Membrane Proteins”

Festival of Biologics 2020

Using clever immunization strategies and screening millions of single B cells, AbCellera has found and validated hundreds of ultra-low frequency and highly diverse antibodies. Senior Research Scientist, Christopher Williamson presented “Ultra-rare but there: natural and diverse antibodies against high homology targets” in the Protein Engineering stream at this year’s Festival of Biologics.